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With all the excitement around free television, interest in digital television antennas has never been higher. Before you make the decision to join the over the air television movement here are our top 10 facts you need to know first!

1. The signal is better than the alternatives

Cable and satellite providers compress signals in order to create more expensive packages for customers to commit to. With a HighLine TV Antenna you will be receiving high definition TV without a subscription and without us hindering the quality of your viewing experience.
SO enjoy Dancing With The Stars and Monday Night Football direct from your favorite networks with high quality picture. 

2. We know you LOVE your local channels

Local news, sports and entertainment is hiding from you on your current cable or satellite package. Regional networks are broadcast directly over the air and can be discovered with a HighLine TV Antenna. These networks show cooking shows, classic films and can only be discovered when you cut the cord on your cable company. 

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3. You will access ALL of the major networks 

Broadcast television from major networks is not supported financially by subscription fees but by the advertisers. ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and several other of your favorite networks are FREE over the air. Meanwhile these cable companies advertise that you can watch the countries most popular sitcoms on there service. Well we have news for you! The cable companies were not expecting a mass exodus to antennas. 

4. If you have seen ‘HD’ or ‘HDTV’ antenna than you have seen a digital TV antenna 

While some companies advertise the digital antenna as HD its important to remember that all over the air content is broadcast in its original format. The quality will always be the best possible as we mentioned earlier we will never act to compress the picture quality of the broadcast. 

5. Discover the beauty of sub-channels 

Every channel is on its own “frequency” like channel 1, channel 2, channel 3. When you plug in your HighLine TV Antenna you will notice that some of these channels have digital sub-channels. For example you can be watching a show on the frequencies main channel 1 but then see additional programming on channel 1.1, channel 1.2, etc. These additional sub-channels are only available over the air waves. 

6. Be ready in case of a black out

 We have all experienced the dreaded black outs where our cable or satellite shuts down and all of sudden we can not stay informed on the weather broadcast. The antenna will continue to receive over the air signals and it will be possible to watch your local news broadcast even though your cable signal is interrupted. 

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7. Where are your broadcast towers? How far are they?

The Federal Communications Commission provides a digital television reception map that is an accurate measure of your distance from a broadcast center. You can check your distance here: https://www.fcc.gov/media/engineering/dtvmaps

8. Topography matters!

The ups and downs of air signals is effected by changes in elevation, buildings, trees and structures. The higher your antenna is the better the reception will be. Find a window or wall that faces the direction of the broadcast center and make sure nothing in your house obstructs the antenna. 

9. The 3 things required for the best FREE TV experience

1. A television with a digital tuner (if your television is older than you will need a digital converter) You can purchase the HighLine TV Digital Tuner here: HighlineTV Digital Tuner
2. The HighLine TV Antenna 
3. Know the direction of a broadcast center 

Local Channel Scan

Our tool here will let you know about how many channels you should get. Set it to 50 miles every Highline TV antenna has a 50 mile range. Some people will get more or less channels than others based on environmental factors.

Find available local channels

10. HighLine TV Antenna works

We know that buying products online can be intimidating but we are committed to always explaining the pros and cons of using a digital television antenna. We are here to answer your questions and educate you. 
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Comments (3)

December 26, 2018 at 10:25 pm

I live at 991 County Road 16, Monterey New York zip code 14812, how many channels will I receive?

    December 30, 2018 at 4:55 pm

    Gary, According to our tool you should be able to get about 32 channels not counting sub channels. So you may get more or less depending on environmental factors.

Ron Fortin
January 25, 2019 at 4:43 am

I live in Canada and you only have a zip code but we use postal code . Mine is L1G5N8 how many channels and what channels would I get .

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