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Month:November 2018

Are You a Cord Cutter Yet? | 30 Million Americans Will at The End Of 2018

  People are quitting cable. Cable and Satellite companies are shaking in their winter boots as new statistics show the industry is shrinking quickly. New York based firm eMarketer has released new data that makes it very clear-consumers are cancelling cable and satellite more than ever. By the end of 2018 30.1 million American consumers [...]

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Buying a New TV During Cyber Sales? Avoid This Mistake!

  By Kelsey In 2006 a new law was enacted to protect consumers from television manufacturers whose new technology was quickly looking to phase out broadcast television. Thankfully, it is now a requirement that new television models include the coaxial cable and tuner that allows consumers to attach a high definition television antenna. But what [...]

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Give the Perfect Gift…Five Reason You Should Get Them an Over The Air Antenna

  Don’t waste your hard earned money on socks this year! We understand that almost everyone has a person on their list that is impossible to buy for. Think back to past Christmas as everyone is opening gifts and smiling. You observe stressed out over the below average gift that you got that person. How [...]

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You Cut The Cord, Great! But, Do You Still Need Internet?

  You finally had enough of your cable company and decided to cut the cord. Congratulations, we know the decision wasn’t easy. But now that you have ditched the cable bundle with phone, television and internet you are wondering if the digital antenna will meet all your entertainment needs or if you will need internet. [...]

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