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4 Best Ways to Boost Antenna Signal


For nearly a century, people have been using antennas to access free broadcast television across the country and around the world. While the TV antenna is not new, there have been some recent innovations to TV antennas that make antenna signals stronger and improve picture quality.

Indoor TV antennas have also vastly improved in recent years, gaining the ability to receive HD signals over the air. There are also indoor antennas for Smart TVs.

These innovations ensure that even as the way we receive signals changes, antennas remain the easiest way to receive free broadcast TV.

Despite their innovations, there are some instances where the signal may still get weak.

If you find that the signal is weak, try the following best way to Boost Antenna Signal

  1. Get a TV Antenna Booster.
  2. Use HighlineTV’s TV Signal Locator Map for a homemade antenna signal boost.
  3. Avoid Devices That Provide Wireless Access
  4. Add More Coaxial Cable

Check the four solutions that will help improve the TV antenna reception:

1. Get A TV Antenna Booster

An antenna booster does, well, exactly what it says it does. It boosts TV antenna reception. Also known as a TV antenna amplifier or antenna signal booster, the antenna booster usually helps the TV antenna outperform its stated range.

The standard range for a TV antenna is usually 40-60 miles, but that full range is difficult for most TV antennas to achieve without using a TV antenna booster.

Antenna booster

The TV antenna booster plugs into the television separately from the antenna and allows the antenna to receive more of the signal from the station’s tower.

Highline TV Antenna

While the signal strength is determined by the signal broadcaster’s agreement with the FCC, the booster works by streamlining that signal and improving both audio and video signal strength.

2. Use Highline TV’s TV Signal Locator Map for a homemade antenna signal boost

Signals are flying through the air from all over the globe that hit TV antennas. With the creation of mobile phones, Bluetooth, and wireless devices, there is more interference than ever before for TV signals to fight through to get to the antenna.

Since TV signals can only be boosted so much, the change to receive them has to come on the receiving end, and one of the biggest changes homeowners can make to improve signal reception is adjusting the placement of the TV antenna.

The location of the TV antenna has a major impact on reception.

While there are many tips and tricks out there for homemade antenna signal boosts, the biggest difference users can make to their signal strength is by making sure the antenna is positioned in a place where it can receive a strong signal from the signal tower.

Here are a few tips that will improve TV signal reception for indoor TV antennas:

Highline TV Antenna Placement

You can put the Highline TV Antenna anywhere as long as the cord

Height: Always place the TV antenna as high as you can. Two-story or three-story homes should choose the top floor or the attic as the place to maximize reception.

Direction: It’s important to look up where the local towers are and to direct the antenna towards it.

Highline TV’s TV Signal Locator Map is a valuable tool that helps locate the exact location of TV antennas, eliminating the guesswork in determining where to put the TV antenna.

How many channels should I get?

Highline TV wants to make sure that wherever you are, you can find free TV channels in your area.

The Find Local Channels tool helps you do just that. Simply place your zip code into the box below and find TV channels within a 50-mile range.

Highline TV offers both indoor and outdoor antennas, as well as long-range antennas, that can help maximize the signal received by TV stations.

Some people will get more channels than others based on environmental factors. See the Local Channel page for more information.


If that doesn’t work….

3. Avoid Devices That Provide Wireless Access

Just like your car is forced to slow down when there’s too much traffic on the highway, too much signal interference can cause congestion for your TV’s signal.

While we understand that wireless devices like routers, cell phones, virtual home assistants and other wireless devices are a part of today’s basic home life, we also know that they can be positioned in ways that hinder TV signal, or ways that allow it to pass through.

Wifi router

The general rule of thumb for these devices is to keep them as far away from the TV antenna as possible, especially when using indoor TV antennas.

Many homes put their digital antennas directly on top of their wireless modem or routers.

Other times, the wireless system is placed between the antenna and the tower.

These incorrect placements can interrupt the TV signal. Consult the Highline TV  Signal Locator Map to make sure signals from nearby TV channels aren’t interrupted by devices that use wireless data.

4. Add More Coaxial Cable

Or, to be more clear, add more elevation to the indoor TV antenna. The higher up in the home the antenna is placed, the better the signal will be.

So, if the antenna is placed on the attic window facing the TV tower, it will receive a much clearer signal than if it is placed in the basement. Don’t believe us? Place the antenna in the basement and see what happens.

HighLineTV offers outdoor TV antennas as well for this exact reason.

Digital TV antennas have come a long way since the days of rabbit ears and aluminum foil. However, whenever a wireless signal is involved, there will be certain obstacles to receiving that signal.

By following these four steps, you will be able to maximize your TV viewing experience and receive the clearest signal possible when enjoying free TV channels in the comfort of your home.

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