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Top 5 Reasons Cable Companies Are Dying

Bye-bye Cable Companies!

It seems the cord cutting movement is now in full swing. As the fourth quarter of 2019 begins news reports are showing cable companies are on pace for the lowest number of new subscribers and have people cancelling cable service at an alarming rate.

In addition to the slow growth, a record number of customers are leaving traditional cable. With a drop in cable subscribers and the large investments made by cable companies to build streaming businesses it seems to be the perfect time for consumers to look in to cutting the cord.

Comcast and Charter are on pace to loose over one million customers this year alone.

Here are the top 5 reasons that cable companies are dying.

1. High Cost and Wasted Channels

Cable customers have grown tired of high monthly subscription costs. Packages range from $60 a month to as high as $300 a month.

With channel packages ranging from 70 to 600 channels. Consumers are no longer interested in having a high bill and a plethora of channels that they don’t watch!

2. Bad Customer Service

It all begins with the dreaded installation schedule. Any current or former cable customer is familiar with the old “we can make it on Wednesday between 10am and 5pm.”

It does not get better after that. From missing channels you actually want to scheduling a tech to come move or add cords the cable customer service experience is tedious at best.

3. The Rise of Streaming Services

Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are just the tip of the iceberg as premium cable companies are all in the process or if investing in infrastructure and original content.

4. Popularity of Devices

From IPad’s and IPhone’s to laptops and desktops, people are watching there favorite shows and movies away from the cord dependent cable box.

5. HD TV Antenna’s

And here is where we come in! HighLineTV and our competitors are offering the simplest and lowest cost way to enjoy the channels you really do watch.

Our antennas offer a crystal clear reception with a simple installation process and no monthly bills.

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