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Over The Air TV 3.0 to Launch in 2020 [Announcement!]

Over The Air TV 3.0

The National Association of Broadcasters 2018 Conference took place in New York earlier this month. The major networks got together to discuss a time frame for rolling out the newest version of broadcast television. HD TV Antenna users can expect to have the newest broadcast transmissions with higher definition visual and audio. This is great news for HighLine TV customers and cord cutters everywhere. This launch will mean 4K High Definition Range will make the FREE TV experience even greater.

When the new version begins transmitting the 3.0 version of broadcast TV you will be able to use your current antenna for at least five more years as all broadcasters must offer the standard 1.0 transmission by law. By purchasing a HighLine TV antenna you will already be able to view the 3.0 transmission as long as your tv is 3.0 OTA ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is ATSC 3.0?

Advanced Television Standards Committee 3.0 is the soon to be industry standard for free over the air TV broadcasts that can be received by a HighLine TV antenna with no monthly subscription. The new standard is offering a 4k High Definition Range that will make the picture and sound better than ever. The new standard will also offer local weather alerts and internet news in real time.


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