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Are You a Cord Cutter Yet? | 30 Million Americans Will at The End Of 2018


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People are quitting cable.

Cable and Satellite companies are shaking in their winter boots as new statistics show the industry is shrinking quickly.

New York based firm eMarketer has released new data that makes it very clear-consumers are cancelling cable and satellite more than ever.

By the end of 2018 30.1 million American consumers will cut the cord on cable and satellite. EMarketer was estimating that 22 million would cancel their subscriptions. This is shocking information as the giant paid tv providers are seeking a new way to pivot their business model.

Chris Bendsten of eMarketer commented that younger consumers are growing their use and frankly admiration of over-the-top free television. One brand that is certainly becoming a leader in the Over-The-Top or free television movement is HighLine TV an American provider of high definition television cables.

At the moment their is a total of 196 million Americans subscribing to paid tv (satellite and cable.) EMarketer is forecasting that number to drop to 181 million subscribers. The only age group with a growing number of cable subscribers is the 55 and older group. Every other demographic is quickly declining when it comes to paid cable subscriptions.

Where are these customers going?

Many of the cord-cutters are keeping their wireless internet service and focusing on the large array of original and paid content being provided by the streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and premium streaming services like HBO Go and Showtime Anytime.

What if you enjoy major network programming?

Well the good news is you still have an option to run adjacent to the streaming services. You guessed it, the HighLine HD TV Antenna! This over-the-top provider of FREE television is your number one way to view your favorite major network shows, news and major sporting events.

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