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Ultimate Cord Cutter guide for sports fans

Most of the sports fans prefer to use a satellite TV connection or a cable TV connection in order to enjoy the favorite matches from the comfort of your home. If you are one of them, you need to understand that you are wasting a considerable amount of money out of your pocket as well. [...]

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“Cord Nevers & Cord Cutting” have you heard?

Americans who never paid for their traditional TV According to the research, almost 31 Millions of Americans have never paid for their traditional TV. These consumers are known as “Cord Cutters” who have become the hugely popular group of New York that follows the traditional TVs. From recent past years, streaming of landscape has also [...]

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The Challenges in Global TV Antenna Market

TV antenna is an electronic equipment which has been designed for receiving electromagnetic signals for television broadcasting. When a television station broadcasts a program, the audio and video information is converted in the form of electromagnetic signals that are transmitted over the air. A research report has been launched by Reporte us Data that covers [...]

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Has Cutting the cord has reached its peak?

There was a trend among the Pay-TV subscribers in the United States to go ahead and cut the cord. According to the stats of 2010, more than 105 million homes around the United States had their own cable TV subscriptions. Out of them, 14 million have decided to cut the cord. This is expected to [...]

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Is Roku the Best Way to Invest in Cord-Cutting?

Roku Has Untapped the Growth Opportunities with the Cord-Cutting Trend The fourth-quarter earnings reports of Roku present its potential in the market. By observing the scenario, we must say that this year is going to change so many things for the cord-cutters. Note that, by the year 2019, Roku stock increased by almost 200% as [...]

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The future of cutting the cord will be on cutting the cord on internet

Cutting the cord has received a lot of attention in the recent past. Most of the people went ahead with it and decided to disconnect the cable TV connections that they had. Now it is the high time for you to go ahead and cut the cord for internet as well. If you can do [...]

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Cord Shifting is Growing, Not Cord Cutting.

The third quarter numbers for Pay TV have come in and rumor has it that Pay TV has lost around a million subscribers in the third quarter itself. These rumors are actually spread by fanatic groups such as “TV is dead” who carry the notion that TV’s time has been long gone. Although the stats [...]

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The cord cutting millennials are looking forward to go ahead with Disney+

The cord cutting millennials are looking forward to go ahead with Disney+ Disney is one of the most popular cable TV channels among the millennials. However, the growth of Netflix and YouTube have created a major impact on the growth of Disney. Therefore, Disney has lost a considerable percentage of their subscribers as well. To [...]

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