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New York Giants Football – Watch New York Giants Football Free with this Free Football Playbook

For fans of the New York Giants, it’s all about the future. Sure, when it comes to the standings, the most exciting thing about the 2019 Giants is whether they can beat the Dolphins in a race to the top…draft pick. But Giants fans are familiar with the “rebuilding year”, and they know even though [...]

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Houston Texans Football – How to Watch Texans Football Free

Houston Texans fans are glued to their televisions in anticipation of the team’s 2019 season. Following a record-breaking 2018 season that started off with a franchise-worst 0-3 start and ended with a playoff berth after a wild 9-0 win streak (also a franchise record), Texans fans hope the team has finally shaken off its years [...]

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Chicago Bears Football – How to Watch Bears Football Free

The Chicago Bears are looking for a little Ditka magic in the 2019 season. With inconsistent play and a brewing quarterback controversy, the 2019 Bears season is starting to feel like the Bears of yesteryear – just not quite yesteryear enough. Now, Bears fans are tuning in each week hoping that this is the week [...]

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Dallas Cowboys Football – How to Watch Cowboys Games for Free

How To Watch Dallas Cowboys Games FREE The Dallas Cowboys are in great position to make 2019 a season to remember. Led by star quarterback Dak Prescott through the air and all-star running back Ezekiel Elliot on the ground, the Cowboys offense should make this year’s team an exciting one to watch on the big [...]

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Watch NFL Football for Free with this Free Football Playbook

In the game of football, the right signals can make all the difference. This is true whether you’re a quarterback calling an audible at the line of scrimmage or the die-hard fan trying to watch free football on TV. Just as the game of football has evolved and grown more complex over the years, so [...]

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How To Get Free TV (or at least Cheaper TV Than Cable)

For nearly 30 years, cable TV had a stranglehold on viewers around the globe. Viewers who wanted premium content paid premium prices for giant packages that offered them dozens and then hundreds of channels (for dozens and then hundreds of dollars). Those who wanted free TV had the same three to five options over the [...]

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