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Is Roku the Best Way to Invest in Cord-Cutting?

Roku Has Untapped the Growth Opportunities with the Cord-Cutting Trend

The fourth-quarter earnings reports of Roku present its potential in the market. By observing the scenario, we must say that this year is going to change so many things for the cord-cutters.

Note that, by the year 2019, Roku stock increased by almost 200% as compared to only 21% gain for Nasdaq Composite Index.

Source: CNBC ( https://www.cnbc.com/2019/05/28/rokus-200percent-surge-this-year-has-made-stock-too-expensive-stephens.html )

Company has recently reported huge growth and heavy multiplication of profits for Roku.

They sell high-quality hardware products for video gaming needs. Also, Roku is licensed to design operating systems for TV manufacturers so that custom content through the internet can be enjoyed by all consumers.

Shyam Patil, an analyst at Susquehanna, on Monday provided coverage on Roku shares, and it reflects a positive rating.

Reports reveal that it will receive maximum benefit from the popular cord-cutting trend. Patil also said that the connected TV advertising market is going to suffer more as the audience engagement shows a shift to digital technologies.

Although many big technologies are responsible for this shift from linear to the digital world, Roku has scaled the growth opportunities by a large extent.

The Growth of Cord-Cutting and Streaming

By the year 2019, many new streaming services have come forward to compete with the old trends, and these prime alternations in the TV services are now replacing the era of cables.

People are now happy to enjoy streaming services and Roku provides them many interesting options in this area. Experts also believe that the cord-cutting trend will present a whole new picture by the end of 2019 and the entertainment world will be completely digitized.

As per the recent stats, Roku stock improved to $60.64 with an impressive rise of 4.2%. Reports reveal that as compared to the previous year; this company has received around 27 million new users.

Stats reveal a stunning growth of 40% for Roku in the market, and it is just because of the fact that it offers the most entertaining content to the users.

The Growth of Roku

If we look at the platform revenues, it grew by 77% over the year while touching the figure of $151.4; that is much higher as compared to 74% gains of the previous quarter.

Moreover, the branded device sales of Roku have also generated considerable revenue for the company; the reported figure for this sector is $124.3 million, and it is 21% higher as compared to the previous year quarter.

These figures show that Roku has grown like a big giant in the streaming world and today people trust this brand more over traditional solutions of entertainment.

Another report also says that Roku is preferably focusing on maximizing account growth instead of profitability and this strategy is really working well. The engagement is also growing, and customers are spending more time on this platform to view their favorite content.

The chances are that after targeting almost every home in the United States, Roku will now grow on the international market as well.

It has already spread its services over 20 different countries, and the expansion is further contributing to profit margins.

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