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Buying a New TV During Cyber Sales? Avoid This Mistake!


By Kelsey

In 2006 a new law was enacted to protect consumers from television manufacturers whose new technology was quickly looking to phase out broadcast television. Thankfully, it is now a requirement that new television models include the coaxial cable and tuner that allows consumers to attach a high definition television antenna.

But what weren’t consumers expecting? That manufacturers would find a loophole by rebranding new models as “HD Home Theater Displays” instead of televisions. This helped them save on manufacturing costs by leaving a coaxial cable and tuner out of the unit.

Not having a tuner on your TV implies that you can’t connect a reception apparatus to your TV straightforwardly. You would need to buy a DTV tuner independently, which implies you have two remote controls to use. The majority of that so the television company can spare a couple of bucks on your television.

There is no question that your television is more valuable with a coaxial cable and tuner. You can purchase a tuner here that will allow you to connect a HD television antenna, like the HighLine TV Antenna.

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How to Buy The Right Television

It is key that you make sure your buying a television and not a “Home Theater Display.” It’s also very important that the TV has an antenna “RF” coaxial cable or cable tv input.

Look at a picture of the back panel of the television to ensure the model you are purchasing has what your looking for.


It is important that you are an informed consumer that keeps their eyes open. Make sure you are purchasing a television and not a home theater display. These companies are greedy and they don’t care if you purchase what you are looking for.

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