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Cable TV charges more for fewer channels

Pay the Cable company more and get less.

Cable TV subscribers in today’s world are quite frustrated with the service that they receive. There was an increase of rates in the recent past. On the other hand, four of the major cable TV networks that exist in the country were branded or shut down. They happened without any credit type or a discount.

NBCUniversal drops two cable TV networks and rebrands the third one

During Fall 2017, NBCUniversal made the decision to shut down two of the cable TV networks. They include Esquire Network and Cloo Channel. Out of these two networks, Cloo channel was popular because it was a crime focused channel. However, people were left with the frustration of channel shut down.

Likewise, the Oxygen Network was rebranded into a crime network. As a result, most of the staff members who worked for them were fired as well. They wanted to build up the new network with a new team of employees.

Changes in the Viacom Network

Fans of Spike TV also had to experience some shocking news in the recent past. In fact, Viacom Network announced that Spike TV will be rebranded to Paramount Channel. With this, the channel will be integrated to the Paramount Network. Robert Bakish, who is the CEO of Viacom explained that this will enhance the content diversity of the network, but the fans didn’t like this change at all.

Apart from this rebranding, the Viacom Network is also restricting the focus from 20 channels, up to just 6 channels. In fact, the company will focus only on Nick Jr, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV, Paramount Channel and BET. As of now, no official announcement has been made whether they will be focusing on the other prominent channels, such as TV Land, VH1 and MTV Classics. As a result, the future of these channels are in doubt.

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Prices continue to increase

As you notice, the content offered to the people by cable TV providers is decreasing along with time. However, the price tag associated with the service is increasing. This is something that need to be worried about. People really don’t need to spend this much of money on cable TV subscription. In fact, most of the channels and TV shows can be experienced with an OTA antenna for free. Therefore, people wonder whether it is necessary for them to go ahead with a cable TV subscription or not.

The cable TV services are focusing more on the revenue that they generate with advertisements as well. This delivers a somewhat negative experience to the subscribers.

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