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How to get more channels with an Indoor Antenna

How to get more television channels with the Indoor Antenna? When you are using an indoor antenna, you may struggle to get more channels on your television. However, it is not a difficult thing to achieve. That’s because there are few simple and effective tips, which can help you with getting the most number of [...]

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4 Best Ways to Boost Antenna Signal

HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR TV SIGNAL: THE FOUR BEST WAYS TO BOOST ANTENNA RECEPTION For nearly a century, people have been using antennas to access free broadcast television across the country and around the world. While the TV antenna is not new, there have been some recent innovations to TV antennas that make antenna signals [...]

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Do you need to have a TV antenna for every television in the house?

How many TV antennas do you need? The best way to watch free television is by purchasing and installing an OTA antenna. Of course on this blog we have to recommend our favorite and soon the be your favorite, the HighLine TV Antenna. This is identified as one of the best methods available to enjoy [...]

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How to scan for channels with your OTA antenna

How to scan for channels with your OTA antenna When you cut the cord and purchase a new antenna, you get an amazing feeling. However, you will have to do some initial configurations on your side, before you can go ahead and enjoy content on it. That’s where you need to think about scanning for [...]

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How to Watch CNN without Cable

Cable television subscription has been the only way to watch several channels at home years ago but with the advent of the on-demand and functional video content streaming service like Netflix, individuals have found it easy to change from cable to Netflix or any other services. However, there are some very important live programs like [...]

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How to Watch NFL Games Without Cable

HOW TO WATCH NFL GAMES WITHOUT CABLE When you're talking about love and support for sports, you know America should be somewhere on top of your list. They do not just support sports, they do it with passion and intense enthusiasm. The National Football League is certainly the most important to American sports lovers. The [...]

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Ready To Cut The Cord? Here’s how to get started.

Introduction Finally, you’ve decided your done forking over the $100+ dollars a month that cable companies collect to provide content you don’t watch at all. No worries, in these most modern of days smart consumers have so many options for consuming your favorite media. Between streaming services, digital content and of course OTA (Over-The-Air) digital [...]

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Announcement! Over The Air TV 3.0 to Launch in 2020

The National Association of Broadcasters 2018 Conference took place in New York earlier this month. The major networks got together to discuss a time frame for rolling out the newest version of broadcast television. HD TV Antenna users can expect to have the newest broadcast transmissions with higher definition visual and audio. This is great [...]

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Buying a New TV During Cyber Sales? Avoid This Mistake!

By Kelsey In 2006 a new law was enacted to protect consumers from television manufacturers whose new technology was quickly looking to phase out broadcast television. Thankfully, it is now a requirement that new television models include the coaxial cable and tuner that allows consumers to attach a high definition television antenna. But what weren’t [...]

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You Cut The Cord, Great! But, Do You Still Need Internet?

You finally had enough of your cable company and decided to cut the cord. Congratulations, we know the decision wasn’t easy. But now that you have ditched the cable bundle with phone, television and internet you are wondering if the digital antenna will meet all your entertainment needs or if you will need internet. In [...]

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