Cord Cutting Starter Guide

Starter guideCut The Cord? Know What to Do Next!


So you have decided to cut the cord and that you will no more shell out hundreds of bucks every month to cable companies for the channels that you do not watch ever. There is nothing to be concerned about. These days, there are numerous options open for customers when it comes to the content that they want to catch. Between OTA digital TV antennas, digital content and streaming services, at HighLine TV we can offer you the best blend of media.

1. Planning

This Starter Guide is specially formulated for your convenience including some of our other guides which cover a wide range of information which would definitely be of interest to you. The range covers areas such as DVRs, streaming devices, on-demand streaming services, different types of antennas, live streaming services, sports and news channels. Once you have absorbed everything that we have stated in this Starter Guide, you can consider the following information below:

Devote some time to prepare a list of:

  • All the shows and channels that you would like to watch
  • What content is free and what is not.
  • How many simultaneous streams or broadcasts you want
  • The types of devices you have or want to purchase, whether TV, mobile, tablet or more
  • The budget that you have

Also think about:

  • Whether it is more important for you to have virtual DVRs, DVRs or live television?
  • Do you want to fast forward or rewind commercials?
  • Do you need children-friendly shows at home?
  • Which teams and sports events are important for your home? Do not miss out on considering football games, live events and other family traditions.

Keep in mind that most of the streaming services are monthly and may be cancelled at all times. Do not hesitate to subscribe to these services for only specific times of the year, if you want. Always investigate the free streaming and on-demand services along with the streaming services and Blu-ray / DVD collections that your public library offers. The services that your neighbor likes might not be good for you. The plan of your choice should be customized for you, your family and the budget that you have. It might not have to include the newest and latest services.

If you are stuck with low internet speeds, you can benefit from these links. You should read the first page before you upgrade to a more feature-rich web package:

  • Internet Speed Recommendations (Netflix)
  • Regulating the amount of data used by (Netflix)
  • On-demand services along with options for offline viewing

2. Conducting a Test Run

It might be advantageous in a few cases to try out an OTA or streaming service before you do away with the cable cord completely. It can be assistive in case you first need to assure a few family members. With most streaming service providers, you can get free trials for a week or a month. In some cases, there can be some special promotional offer for 2 months. You should also check whether you can get special promotions including a discounted or free streaming device. Free streaming service trials are offered by a few device makers. Some of the latest live streaming services still happen to be in Beta version, and you must judge them likewise. At times, the performance of a few streaming services are better on specific devices as compared to others.

Skinny / Basis Package

It might not be fully possible for some to give up cable entirely. This is true for cases when you have a poor local OTA reception and you require some channels that are locally broadcasted and cannot be found in a live streaming service. You might like to enquirer whether your cable TV provider has a basic package. In most regions Basic Broadcast should be about $9.95 per month along with any applicable DTA rental and broadcast fees + local sales tax, in case a subscriber needs broadcast stations. Generally, basic broadcast packages do not include ROOT and ESPN. Subscribers might be given login credentials.

In a few cases, such basic plans might be only in SD and not in HD. These might not be advertised or not on the website of the provider. But these might be listed on the annual price sheet of the provider, in case one is offered every year. These might be paired with Amazon, Hulu or Netflix or any free service. Make sure that you consider all the taxes and fees, given that details about these might not be disclosed by the customer service representatives.

3. Cable TV Service Cancellation

Before canceling your cable TV plan, you might like to review your internet service plan and determine whether you are getting proper speed for your requirements as well as whether any other provider is a more suitable option. In many cases, there is a big discount offered on the internet subscription and not the cable TV service. Thus, your internet costs will witness a change.

But you will not have to pay any more any additional fees like:

  • Sports fees
  • HD fees
  • Rental fees

In a few cases, you are not supposed to pay any taxes either. While choosing an internet plan, consider the number of simultaneous streams that you typically anticipate to use and whether you wish to stream videos in 4K or HD quality. While making a research, also find out whether there is a limit on the data package of your internet service provider.

4. Finding another Internet Service Provider (ISP)

If there is ample reason for you to conclude that your present internet provider is not up to your expectations then it would be best that you check out the following websites. They are a good mix of internet, fixed wireless, satellite or other municipal internet providers present in your area:

You are advised to purchase your own router and modem instead of getting it from your ISP, you can save money on the rent of the device sometimes that’s $9.99 a month. The support websites of most internet providers contain a list of retail modems that are approved. You should choose one from the list.

Returning Equipment

Once the cable TV service has been cancelled, make sure that you promptly return all your equipments, such as DVRs, remotes and other boxes. It is suggested that you give the equipment back to the service center or retail store of the provider, either personally or with the USPS or US boxes that the provider gave you. In all cases, ensure that the provider gives you a detailed receipt for the equipment that you returned. Store the receipt safely somewhere, to be able to produce as proof if you get a huge bill some months or years later for failing to return the equipment after cancellation of service.

Other than doing away with your cable TV service, decide on whether you still like to have your internet service provider give you phone service. Determine whether your existing cell phone service or VOIP is enough. Also take special situations in consideration, such as alarm systems, fax machines, business equipment, medical equipment etc that might need a landline.

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