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“Cord Nevers & Cord Cutting” have you heard?

Americans who never paid for their traditional TV

According to the research, almost 31 Millions of Americans have never paid for their traditional TV.

These consumers are known as “Cord Cutters” who have become the hugely popular group of New York that follows the traditional TVs. From recent past years, streaming of landscape has also evolved in this group.

In new research of MRI-Simmons, it is said that the number of “Cord Nevers” is growing rapidly because most of the Americans have never paid for the connection of their traditional TV.

According to the new stats, 12% of the adult population of U.S consumers is included in the count of 31 Million “Cord Nevers”.

According to 2017’s stat research, this adult number was around 9%, but in today’s world, 33 is the median age of American who never paid for their traditional TVs. Moreover, there was a 27% increase in the average of household income of these “Cord Clutters” in 2019.

There are chances that things for Cord Nevers are going to be changed.

In one report of MRI-Simmons it is mentioned that in the next six months 8 million of Cord Nevers are planning to sign up for paid TV series. Almost 70% are planning to subscribe to their cable, fiber, or optic TVs (Traditional TVs).

While the remaining Cord Nevers are looking for different TV streaming packages, these packages include SlingTV, Hulu with Live TV, and DirectTV. Among the ratio of this 70% Cord Cutters, 40% of people that are around the age of 18-34  deciding to subscribe for streaming TV options.

Why are “Cord Nevers” Americans for signing up for paid TV packages?

Now things are changing rapidly, the 31 Million “Cord Nevers” of US are planning to sign up for different paying TV series.

What’s the reason for this change?

FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out, yes this group now has enough money that they can now fold to peer pressure and start paying for Netflix and other services.

These sign ups will increase the content available to the “Cord Nevers”, and is popular for the people who are 35 or older.

For those “Cord Nevers”around the age of 18-34 to found out that streaming services and TV packages that are a fit for them increase the ability their available content to watch and easier to find shows.

What is the point of view of young people about this change?

“The young generation of the US said that they would sign up for the full suite of tradition TV after getting their very first well and a good paying job”.

The MRI-SIMMONS, the vice president of Insight and Innovation Karem Ramspacher said.

She said that “in today’s world there are various options if you want to connect the content of TV Video, but the subscription of these competitor options can cause you several dollars.

These options are growing rapidly not only in numbers but also in cost; today America’s Cord Nerves are working to represent the different opportunities for the content providers.

But in the matter of targeting the US’s Nevers effectively, spirited motivation is playing an important role.”

Who’s Holding out on Big Cable?

Some of these “Cord Nevers” who still refuse to give big cable their money are finding that a Highline TV Antenna.

These “Cord Nevers” tend to live in urban areas and near by big cities and get FREE TV from the broadcast center.

The number of channels vary for these “Cord Nevers” city to city and they tend to use one or anther Streaming service or device to substitute content.

The Highline TV Antenna is a great tool for these “Cord Nevers” who still refuse give big cable money for no reason.

If you want to get local channels and not pay for Free channels get your Highline TV Antenna today!

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