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I am not getting the channels the signal locator said I would!

Our site tool on www.highlinetv.com looks primarily at the distance between your zip code and the TV towers. It does not take into consideration if there are terrain issues such as hills, mountains and/or valleys which can impede signals from reaching you nor does it identify if the signal is being transmitted in VHF or UHF. We would like to offer to do an in depth signal scan to see what kinds of signals are available in your exact area and to determine if the antenna you purchased is the right one for you. If you would please submit a ticket at help@highlinetv.com and provide us with your street address and zip code we can do a detailed analysis of the signals you can expect to receive at your address. We can also help you trouble shoot once we determine that you are in a good area to receive signals. We are also reachable by phone at (201) 844-8891 (M-F 8am – 5pm EST).

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