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“My neighbor on the other side of the condo/building has an antenna that works great!”

Many apartment and condo dwellers find that cutting the cord can be a little tricky if conditions aren’t just right for reception. Building Material Blockage – Part 1: Stucco, concrete, metal awnings, fire escapes, metal molding, all of these things can impede reception so an antenna would need to be in a window in order to have a chance with these conditions.

Building Material Blockage

Part 2: Many apartment or condo dwellers find that the higher the unit the better the reception. This is all dependent on the signal strength in the area and the location of the unit in relation to the transmitting tower. If the signals are transmitting to the south side of your location, but you only have a window that faces the opposite way you may not get as many signals as you would with a southern window placement. The signals are weakened because they have to travel through the building materials to get to the antenna and often will not be receivable. In some apartment/condos customers get many channels on one side of the unit and little to no channels on the other side. Placing the antenna in a window facing the direction of the towers for optimal reception chances. This theory is true with any location where you use an antenna. When there isn’t a clear line of site to the towers, and the signals have to work their way through building materials, it can be very difficult to have perfect reception success in both locations.


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