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Give the Perfect Gift…Five Reason You Should Get Them an Over The Air Antenna


Christmas Gift

Don’t waste your hard earned money on socks this year! We understand that almost everyone has a person on their list that is impossible to buy for. Think back to past Christmas as everyone is opening gifts and smiling. You observe stressed out over the below average gift that you got that person. How about this year we change all of that and give them gift of free HDTV. See below for the five reasons you need to get everyone you love an over-the-air antenna. (OTA) And why the HighLineTV HDTV Antenna is the best!

1) Over The Air Television is Awesome!

The streaming companies like Hulu, Amazon and Netflix are having their moment but no one gets more eyeballs on their programming than the major networks. ABC, FOX, CBS and NBC provide the most people in the country with shows, news, sports and all of the major networks are available with the HighLineTV HDTV Antenna.

Will your relative or friend even use the OTA antenna? Of course! But if for some reason they don’t remember the will never be charged a subscription or recurring fee of any kind. The OTA antenna is simply plug and play. WIth almost fifty channels in most regions of the country its a gift that can be appreciated by anyone. Check what channels you can get here.

2) It’s the Gift That Entertains and Saves You Money

Cable subscriptions are super expensive. On the lowest end your friends/family are looking at a hundred dollars a month or twelve hundred a year. With premium cable and sports packages it can shoot through the roof. How about a gift that keeps on giving? That’s what an OTA antenna will do, it creates more value than most gifts. Save your loved ones tons of money every year!

Lead by example, become a cord cutter yourself and enjoy free hd tv. And watch as your family enjoys all the same benefits of the over-the-air tv movement.

3) An Antenna is a Perfect Stocking Stuffer

The HighLineTV HDTV Antenna is small, sleek and modern looking. It would look so cool popping out of a Christmas stocking. The old way of receiving broadcast television signals were the ugly bunny ears sitting on top of peoples televisions. Now with innovation and design HighLine TV has made a product that not only provides people with free HDTV for life but also that looks cool!

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4) More Channels Than You Think

The OTA antenna provides your major network broadcasts but it offers way more than that. What is so interesting about antennas is that they will pick up local channels and sub-channels. So you will be able to see content, shows and news that are relevant to you and everyone you know. Whether it is a local news with up to date weather or coverage of local high school and college sports.

. So you will be able to see content, shows and news that are relevant to you and everyone you know. Whether it is a local news with up to date weather or coverage of local high school and college sports.

Our tool here can give you a very good idea of how many channels you can get in your area. Just set it to 50 miles and enter your zip code. You may get more or less channels depending on environmental factors.


Check out the tool FCC DTV Map that allows you to see the channels potentially available in your area. (Channels depend on a few factors including location of your house/office, any interference present and time of the day.) An antenna will be a gift that your friend/relative will get a great experience out of, daily and will save some money every year.

5) Don’t Want To Spend Too Much? Consider the HighLine TV Antenna

You might have a lot of people to buy gifts for. Maybe you have a secret Santa at work as well. At the end of the year Christmas highlights all of the people that mean something to you. You need to step up to the plate and show them they are important. But you can break the bank to do this! Antennas can cost as much as a hundred dollars online or in the store. But with HighLine TV you can get the highest quality antenna for 50% off the normal price for the holidays! Get one antenna for $33 or get multiple antennas for even less per unit!

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Don’t spend anymore time looking for ugly socks to give away. Give the gift that keeps on giving and have your friends and family think of you fondly every time they are watching free HDTV with the HighLineTV HDTV Antenna.

Ready to Check Out What All Of The Hype is About?

Whether the person receiving the gift is tech savvy or doesn’t care for technology at all anyone can appreciate the benefits of having free hd tv. Check out the HighLine TV Antenna here and save money all year while bringing entertainment and fun to your loved ones.

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