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How to get more channels with an Indoor Antenna

How to get more television channels with the Indoor Antenna?

When you are using an indoor antenna, you may struggle to get more channels on your television. However, it is not a difficult thing to achieve. That’s because there are few simple and effective tips, which can help you with getting the most number of channels with the indoor television antenna.

Here are some useful tips, which you can keep in mind to get the most number of television channels to view on your TV with the indoor antenna.

1) Experiment In Multiple Locations Around Your Home

The position of your antenna plays a major role in the number of channels that you will be able to watch on TV. Therefore, you are strongly encouraged to experiment by having your antenna installed in multiple locations around your home.

The best place available for you to consider when installing the antenna is outward-facing walls and windows. You can temporarily experiment by positioning your antenna in these places, with the assistance of adhesive tape.

You can also take a look at the positioning of television broadcasting centers and install the antenna accordingly. An online tool will assist you to determine the exact location of broadcasting stations around your home.

2) Use a Longer Cable

As you already know, when you use a longer antenna cable, you will be reducing the overall quality of the signal that reaches your television.

However, it is still worth to think about using a longer cable, which can help you to reach the window. Then you will be able to position the antenna, facing the broadcasting tower.

When you are purchasing a long cable, you need to make sure that you are spending your money on an RG6 coax cable.

With the help of a longer cable, you will also be able to move the antenna temporarily outside your home. Hence, you will be able to get excellent assistance with your experiments.

3) Make Sure Your Antenna Faces The Transmission Towers


When you are installing the television antenna, you need to make sure that it is facing the television transmission towers.

You can get the help of our tool below and determine the exact location of the television transmission towers around you. Then you will be able to take appropriate measures to make your antenna face the television transmission towers.

Then you will never find it as a difficult task to enjoy your favorite television channel.




4) Make Sure That You Lay The Antenna Horizontally Flat

Antenna flat

As the next thing, you need to make sure that you lay the antenna horizontally flat. This may sound like a crazy idea, but it guarantees positive results to the users.

In fact, a horizontally positioned antenna can provide better reception to you than vertically positioned antennas. If there are tall buildings, tall trees or if you are living closer to the mountains, this can provide outstanding results to you.

5) Move The Antenna Higher

Antenna position

If there is a possibility, you need to increase the altitude of the antenna.

For example, if you are living in a two-storied house, you can think about getting the antenna installed on the top floor of the house. Then you will be able to get a better reception without any hassle.

6) Put The Antenna In a Skylight

If you are having a skylight, you can think about putting the antenna inside it. Then you will be able to get an outstanding experience from your indoor antenna.

In fact, this technique will assist you to make your indoor antenna perform like an outdoor antenna.



7) Get Your Hands On a Better Cable

The cable you use for connecting the antenna along with the television should be a better quality product. It is recommended for you to go ahead and purchase a beefy RG6 cable. Then you will be able to get the best quality reception without any hassle. You will be able to get more television channels with this cable as well. The fact has been proven from customer testimonials available on the internet. Therefore, you can go ahead with it, without keeping any doubts or second thoughts in your mind.

8) Reduce Electronic Interference

Electronic interference can also create a major impact on the quality of reception that you receive. Therefore, you are encouraged to look for ways on reducing electronic interference as much as possible.

You can do a test run with it and see if you can get any positive results. If so, you can take appropriate steps to reduce electronic interference.


During the test, you need to unplug all the DVD players, VCRs. Wi-Fi routers, stereo equipment, set-top boxes and any other electronic device located around the television.

You should also keep in mind that fluorescent bulbs can cause some issues. In addition, you need to unplug all the other connections that you have on the television. Only the antenna needs to be connected to the television.

Then you can plug one item at a time and see how the quality of reception changes. This approach will assist you to understand the culprits, which create a major impact on your television reception, through electronic interference.

9) If The Signals Are Strong, Remove The Amplifier 

If there is an amplifier connected to your television, you need to remove it. Then you will be impressed to see how the quality of reception you get will increase.

When your house can receive strong signals from the broadcasting stations, you will not be able to get any positive results out of an amplifier or a booster.

In fact, you will be making things look worse. You should only use a booster to capture weak signals. But if watching weak signals is not a priority and if you can get a better reception without a booster, you don’t need to think about using a one.


10) If The Signals Are Weak, Get An Amplifier

Conversely, you can think about getting an amplifier, if the signals are weak. The primary objective of an amplifier is to boost the weak signals that your antenna captures from the transmission towers.

If you are located more than 20 miles away from the transmission tower, you will need to think about getting an amplifier.

It can provide you with the opportunity to experience improved results.

11) Introduce a Metal

You need to check if your antenna is covered with a plastic casing. If yes, this method will not be able to provide positive results to you.

But if the antenna is not covered with a plastic casing, you can think about introducing a metal. Then you will be able to improve the overall quality of reception.

To do a test, you can place a metallic object near the antenna and see how the reception quality increases.

12) Rescan on a Regular Basis

When you are using an antenna to enjoy television, you are strongly encouraged to rescan the channels on a regular basis. You will notice the impact that it can create only after a few months.

The television stations are changing the channels, location and transmission power on a regular basis. This is the reason why you are encouraged to think about rescanning the channels on a regular basis.

Then you will even notice that you are getting a higher number of channels than what you had before.

Step 4 Channel Scan


13) Use a Reflector

You need to see if all the television signals are coming from one single direction. If that’s the case, you can point the antenna towards that direction and place a reflector behind it.

Then you will be able to improve the quality of reception in an effective manner. In addition, this method has got the ability to provide excellent assistance to you in some of the situations.

14) Ground The Shield

You can also think about grounding a part of your antenna cable in soil. In order to do this practically, you can keep a plant in between the television and the antenna. When the cable is touching the soil, all sorts of interferences will stop. When you take the cable out from the soil, the channels will freeze or drop the signals. This may look like a magic to you.

Your antenna cable is shielded. As a result, electronic noise is building up within it. When you ground the antenna cable, you will be able to transfer a part of this electronic noise. That’s why you can see how the reception quality improves.

15) Get Two Antennas And a Coupler

It is also possible for you to get your hands on two antennas, with the objective of receiving a better reception. To make sure that these two antennas work like a charm, you need to get a couple as well.

If two strong signals are coming from two different directions, this is the best approach available for you to go ahead with. You point the two antennas in the two directions, where signals come from.

Then you will be able to use a coupler to combine the two signals captured by the two antennas.


The functionality offered by a couple is the complete opposite of a splitter. A splitter is being used to split the signals that you are getting from one antenna.

However, a couple is being used to combine the signals that are captured from two or more antennas.

16) Purchase a Better Tuner

Highline TV Digital Tuner

A tuner is playing a major role behind the functionality offered by it. Some of the televisions come along with impressive tuners.

However, the other televisions come with sub-par tuners. If you have a new flat-screen TV, you don’t need to worry too much on this trip as you already have a digital tuner installed on your television.

If not, you should consider purchasing a Highline TV Digital Tuner and you will be able to get a better quality reception without any hassle.

You don’t have to replace your television, just because you notice that the tuner you have in it is a bad one. You can simply purchase a Highline TV Digital Tuner. This is a cost-effective option available for you to consider.

17) Move The Antenna Outside

If the above-mentioned solutions didn’t provide you with any positive or measurable results, you can think about moving the antenna outside.

However, you will not be able to use the same indoor antenna outside. That’s because the indoor antennas are not designed to withstand the conditions that can be found outdoors.

Therefore, you will need to think about purchasing an outdoor antenna as well.

Bad Antenna placement

When you take the antenna outside, you need to make sure that you place it facing the transmitter towers. By doing this, you can check if the quality of reception improves or not.

You can keep the window or door open and try this. You can also think about purchasing a small patio antenna.

It is a cost-effective alternative approach available for you to consider, instead of purchasing a new outdoor antenna.

18) Purchase a Highline TV antenna

Last but not least, you can think about purchasing a Highline TV antenna.

You are encouraged to keep this as your last resort, as you will have no hassle installation with a small out of pocket investment for a Highline TV antenna for Free TV.

You need to keep in mind that around 90% of the television stations are broadcasting their signals over UHF band. However, an indoor antenna may not be able to deliver the best possible results to you with capturing VHF television channels.


If there is a VHF channel that you really need to watch and if the reception quality is poor, you can think about getting your hands on a Highline Long Range outdoor antenna.

Even though this is an easy thing to do, you will be able to receive impressive results as you get the opportunity to watch the channel that you always wanted to enjoy.


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