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How to Watch CNN without Cable

Cable television subscription has been the only way to watch several channels at home years ago but with the advent of the on-demand and functional video content streaming service like Netflix, individuals have found it easy to change from cable to Netflix or any other services. However, there are some very important live programs like CNN news, which carries and reports the breaking news which may be difficult to watch for individuals that rely on such on-demand services alone. Individuals can watch live CNN news without cables when they know of some cord-cutting tips which will be revealed in this article as we enlist sets of legal options through with which you can watch CNN news without a cable.

How to Watch CNN online without Cable

Several methods exist for individuals to watch live television programs without a cable. This possibility is based on two strategies and methods with one being very useful for this particular purpose.  It is of common knowledge that some television networks are free to air but the CNN news network is not of the channels which means that until recently news lovers cannot watch CNN news without a cable connection. With recent development however, individuals an enjoy both the broadcast television channels and network TVs on live TV options for cord-cutters.

“Skinny Bundles” is what the industry has named watching networks like CNN without a cable subscription. The bundle is a group of services formed into a bundle for live TV streaming services. It is a bundle that offers lots of channels as a ‘multichannel’ service which is not like the cable TV. The skinny bundle allows users to watch various channels and watch live TV.

What is the Skinny Bundle?

How the television is delivered is the difference between this strategy and having cable. The skinny bundle delivers live TV contents online and this means that individuals have the opportunity to stream on the go with different gadgets, watch without regional restrictions and enjoy low prices and cost. The skinny bundle offers a ‘trimmed or striped down’ channels that give access to most important channels while saving you cost. You also do not need to get any long term contracts signed like the cable Tv and that sounds very good. Note that few skinny bundle services do not offer CNN news most of them do and that’s a big relief for news lovers as they can watch CNN without a cable. Below are list of very reputable skinny bundle services that offer CNN news.

Watch CNN without Cable using Hulu Live Tv

Hulu Logo

Most people get to know Hulu as one of the on-demand streaming services like Netflix but Hulu also offers online TV. Hulu TV with its innovative live TV services costs about $39.99 per month and including a set of exciting channels like the CNN network. For people that desire to have both the on-demand streaming services with live TV, Hulu is a perfect choice. It’s a great way to watch CNN news without a cable and if you can get the Hulu live TV free trial offer by signing up with the link below.

Watch CNN without Cable using Sling TV

Sling TV

Sling TV allows for great flexibility to users with its basic packages which can be used with a skinny custom offer which has more channels. Individuals can choose to subscribe one or the two packages or both packages. Skinny bundle services just minimize the channels you don’t watch but pay for. To be able to watch CNN without cable on Sling TV, you must get the right bundle. Sling package is $25 per month for Sling Orange while the Sling Blue is also $25. The Sling Blue packages has a CNN without any extra bundle. Click on the link below to check out any Sling TV and any number of free add-ons weekly.

Watch CNN without cable using Fubo TV

Fubo TV is one of the option through which you can watch CNN without cable. The service has two basic packages which includes a $44.99 per month Fubo packages while the Fubo Extra packages $49.99 per month. Any of these packages will enable you stream and watch the CNN without cable but the larger Fubo extra offers CNN international. Both packages come at a discounted price at first paid month and a whole week long of free trial for new subscribers. Click on the link below to sign up with Fubo TV.

Watch CNN without cable using PlayStation Vue

PlayStation is made by the famous Sony company that made the PlayStation video game consoles. The PlayStation Vue is however, a skinny bundle that supports the PlayStation consoles and other devices. It offers a few bundle packages which ranges between the skinniest and cheapest offer to a full packed offer and expensive price. For individuals that are only concerned about watching CNN without cable, it quite easy because all the bundles from PlayStation offer CNN streaming. The cheapest one called ‘Access’ cost $44.99 per month and you can sign up for the free trial by clicking the link below.

Watching CNN without cable using DirectTV Now

Direct TV Now

This is the AT&T skinny bundle that provides users with an array of skinny bundle packages that start from the affordable $40 per month called the ‘Live a Little’ bundle and then to the jumbo bundle called ‘Gotta Have it’ which offers numerous channels. CNN streaming is allowed on all the bundle packages and this makes DirectTV Now an affordable TV for CNN streaming. DirectTV has a good and positive review and offers a week long free trial which you can enjoy by clicking the link below.

Watching CNN without cable using YouTube TV

Google’s Youtube TV is presently spreading its services nationwide. For individuals in regions and states covered by the Google skinny bundle, the YouTube TV that provides CNN streaming without cable costs about $40 per month. This service is a skinny bundle with great streaming quality and other features. The video content is nice with CNN live streaming available. Check out the YouTube TV free trial now through this link.

Can I watch CNN TV using Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV and Chromecast?

Users and subscribers can best enjoy the CNN live steaming when they watch from a big television screen of nice definition. You may want to know if its possible to watch CNN without cable on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV and Chromecast devices?

Of course you can! It is a good news that there several options users can choose from to achieve CNN streaming on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV and Chromecast devices.


Roku users may choose from Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV, Fubo Tv, PlayStation vue, DirectTV Now and YouTube TV.  

Fire TV

Fire TV subscribers can choose from Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV, Fubo Tv, PlayStation vue, DirectTV Now and YouTube TV. 

Apple TV

Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV, Fubo Tv, PlayStation vue, DirectTV Now and YouTube TV all work on Apple TV.

Android TV

Android TV also works with Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV, Fubo Tv, PlayStation vue, DirectTV Now and YouTube TV. 

Other devices and apps

You can also enjoy the streaming service on the go with Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV, Fubo Tv, PlayStation vue, DirectTV Now and YouTube TV through their mobile applications which is available on both iOS and Android devices. The service can also be enjoyed on computers using the desktop browsers or an installed application from Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV, Fubo Tv, PlayStation vue, DirectTV Now and YouTube TV.  The Hulu live TV also works on PlayStation consoles. With all these amazing options, individuals can watch CNN without cable on just any devices. You can get a free trials and enjoy.

Free Over-the-Air TV

Best Digital TV Antenna

For every cord cutter, the Free over-the-air TV is a deal breaker. The greatest part of it is that with just a TV and the Highline TV antenna, you can pick up signals in your area. You know what stations are available here? The popular Fox, CBS, and NBC, among others. With an Over-the-air antenna, you can enjoy access to you local news services. You don’t need any cable.

That’s not even all – with the Highline TV antenna, you can set your OTA up to become a streaming one, with the aid of PC TV tuner or OTA DVR. Being equipped with the knowledge of this strategy, you can do something that can’t be even done with skinny bundles: legally stream NFL games online, without pay.

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