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How to Watch NFL Games Without Cable


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When you’re talking about love and support for sports, you know America should be somewhere on top of your list. They do not just support sports, they do it with passion and intense enthusiasm. The National Football League is certainly the most important to American sports lovers. The league has been successfully inculcated to become a way of life for fans, hence they are willing to do everything within their power to see their favorite teams hit the pitch every week. The love and enthusiasm of Americans for the NFL can be easily seen in the TV ratings all around the country. We can say without any reservation that the NFL is king of all American leagues. Owing to all these, cables are seeking ways go leverage on the NFL to fight cord cutting. The sad news they have to deal with however, is that NFL matches are streamed online, and they are streamed for free, without the need for cable. Here, we want to expose you on how you can watch NFL games without the need for cable. We’ve outlined every step in the easiest language possible to help you catch your favorite team and indeed every other team play without any cable.

What Channels Can You See NFL Games On?

Before delving into our main discussion point, we will like to start by showing you how you can go ahead to watch TV without the need for cable. We will narrow our discussion down to how you can specifically access the channels where you can see your NFL teams play. To drive this home, it’s only logical that we get to know the channels that air NFL games first.

Sunday games air on Fox and CBS. Sunday night games air on NBC. You can see Monday night games on ESPN, and Thursday night games air on CBS and can be streamed on various websites.

Sunday night games air on NBC. You can see Monday night games on ESPN, and Thursday night games air on CBS and can be streamed on various websites.

From the above analysis, we are narrowed to just four channels: CBS, ESPN, FOX, and NBC. An access to all four of them is an access all season round NFL games, including the famous Super Bowl and playoffs. The question now is how we can access all these channels without cable – Read on!

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Watch NFL on Air and Online Without Cable

For this article, we will focus on two strategies for watching TV without cable. First, we will be looking at the free over-the-air TV, then the skinny bundle, which is otherwise referred to as live TV streaming service and accounts for a lot of the entries in our list below. Let’s take a moment to explain what skinny bundle mean, so we don’t have to go over it again every time it appears on our list.

Skinny bundles bring to TV fans live coverage of events, just like cable companies. A skinny bundle service provides you access to different life channels, so we can classify it as a multichannel service. You’ll definitely identify familiar networks like AMC, HGTV, TBS, and our main interests for this post – CBS, ESPN, Fox, and NBC. Channel lineups vary depending on service, but all selection are fine.

Skinny bundle subscription attracts its own fee, but its fee is by far better than cable fees.

Apart from price, skinny bundles are also characterized with trimming down the channels on bulky cable bundles, to an incredible selection of top notch channels. While cable will make you pay for all, skinny bundles will let you pay for only the channels you watch.

A major standout characteristic of skinny bundles is their ability to stream online. Imagine all the good it will do to have a reliable service show your favourite team in action, even when you’re away on holiday. Guess what? You can access these channels on the go with different devices.

In the list we’ve compiled below, we will be covering some really fascinating ways to see life NFL games online and over-the-air without needing cable. Are you ready? Here’s a list of skinny bundles arranged with another list of free over-the-air TV.

Hulu With Live TV

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This is one of the most popular cable services that you can watch NFL life games from. The package includes a comprehensive list of important channels and costs only $39.99 per month. The package also comes with on-demand access to content from Hulu’s SVOD service. The channels you can access with this bundle includes; Fox, CBS, ESPN, and NBC (in select market), so you can rest, assured that you can get express access to all NFL games that comes to TV throughout the year without cable, if you have a Hulu with Live TV subscription. Still not convinced? Get a free trial now.

Sling TV

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Basically, you can have access to two packages on this bundle. The first package is “Sling Orange” includes ESPN, while “Sling Blue” includes NBC and Fix. You can get access to both bundles for $40 or subscribe to a single bundle for $25 per month. Although sling TV doesn’t have CBS, which is a minus for it, it tries to compensate for it by offering “Extras”, which include some added bundles of channels. It also has an interesting free trial program that should be attractive to anybody. You can checkout the free trial package if you are yet to be convinced.


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fuboTV is undoubtedly one of the most sort after skinny bundle choice available for sports fans. It tries to bring NFL games as best as possible to cord cutters. The bundle offers Fox, CBS, and NBC in select markets. Unfortunately, subscribers will not be able to view ESPN, an oversight that is quite costly for a sports centric skinny bundle. The package costs a monthly fee of $44.99 and is an amazing bundle for NFL lovers. FuboTV offers free trial, and additionally, you can get a discount on your first subscription.

PlayStation Vue

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PlayStation Vue is an encompassing bundle and great for NFL lovers. Is offers subscribers the choice of a few different sub-bundles. The least expensive of the bundles is valued at $44.99 per month. With “Access” bundle, you can watch your favorite teams in the NFL every week without the need for cable. You’ll get access to Fox, CBS, and NBC (in select markets) once you’re subscribed on the package. We almost forgot, you’ll have ESPN there too. There are also pricer sub-bundles that you can upgrade to, depending on your choice. With this bundle, you can enjoy access to NFL RedZone, which is a channel that’s particularly difficult to watch without cable. This reasons are enough to make make any NFL fan fall in love with PlayStation Vue. Guess what? It also has a free trial option that you should check out.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV Logo

YouTube TV has become popular among NFL lovers. It is a nice choice for cord cutters who still have access to the region-by-region rollout of the service. With YouTube TV, you are guaranteed of actions from CBS, Fox, and NBS in select markets, you can also access ESPN if you’re subscribed to its lone bundle option. The bundle is fairly priced at $40 per month, and offers you additional features like unlimited cloud DVR space, and of course great content discovery features. YouTube TV also offers free trial, for you to be able to feel its goodness before making your decision to pay.

DirecTV Now

With DirecTV Now, you can enjoy access to one or more among different skinny bundles, with the cheapest pegged at $40 per month. This includes CBS, NBC, Fox, and ESPN, which are in fact all the channels you need to watch all NFL games round the season. There are other larger bundles, which brings additional channels to the ones on smaller bundles. Whatever bundle you are choosing however, be rest assured that you can get a free trial for the services.

Free Over-the-Air TV

Best Digital TV Antenna

For every cord cutter, the Free over-the-air TV is a deal breaker. The greatest part of it is that with just a TV and an antenna, you can pick up signals in your area. You know what stations are available here? The popular Fox, CBS, and NBC, among others. With an Over-the-air antenna, you can enjoy access to every game on the NFL, apart from Monday night games. That’s something amazing for NFL lovers and guess what? You don’t need any cable.

That’s not even all – with this antenna, you can set your OTA up to become a streaming one, with the aid of PC TV tuner or OTA DVR. Being equipped with the knowledge of this strategy, you can do something that can’t be even done with skinny bundles: legally stream NFL games online, without pay.

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CBS All Access

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CBS All Access is specifically made for CBS super fans. With a monthly subscription of $5.99, you can access on-demand content from CBS. With a CBS All Access subscription, subscribers will be able to access live feed of their local CBS station. That’s some really great news for NFL fans. You can also enjoy some bits of free trial before making your decision.

NFL Mobile

NFL app

The NFL mobile app has become popular over the last few years. With the app, the league gives mobile users access to live stream local games for free. The app was formally exclusive to version technology, but with recent upgrades, every iOS or Android user can now stream NFL games, as long as they are within their team’s market. Although you’ll most probably be watching on a small screen, it is still a huge leap for NFL lovers in the cord-cutting era. You can also have access to the same number of games from Yahoo Sports app.

Can I Watch NFL Games on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or Chromecast?

Yes, you can watch the NFL without cable and on any of these TVs. Since the development of cord-cutting solutions, viewers are now enjoying numerous benefits. Apart from all the money you can save, you can also watch just anything you want, and well on any device of your choice.

So you see it? You can watch NFL games on Fire TV, you can watch it on Roku, and on Apple TV. The services and techniques that we’ve highlighted above will work perfectly on your choice streaming device.

  • Roku users can watch their favorite teams play on DirecTV Now, fuboTV, Hulu with Live TV, PlayStation Vue, Sling TV, or YouTube TV.
  • Fire TV users also have access to all these TV packages, except YouTube TV.
  • For Apple TV, you’ve got access to everything. No limitations to the packages you will get.
  • Chromecast offers full support, too. fuboTV, DirecTV Now, Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, and YouTube have their apps configured to work perfectly with Chromecast devices.
  • Android TV also offers support to all the above listed TVs, except DirecTV, which we still expect to be configured for the device with future updates.
  • DirecTV Now, Hulu with Live TV, fubo TV, PlayStation Vue, YouTube, and Sling TV also have apps that are compatible with Android and iOS. Each of them also have apps that are compatible with desktop and/or in-browser, and with this, it is easy for NFL fans to live games, even in laptops and desktops.

We promised to talk more about OTA, remember? With OTA, you may not need streaming device. You can just add a PC TV tuner or an OTA DVR to the mix to be able to stream OTA contents on any of the platforms we’ve listed above.

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