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Our TV antenna Map below allows you about how many channels are available in your area. All you need to do is type in your zip code and it’ll show you what you’ll be able to get. Depending on environmental conditions the number of channels received may vary. This tool is based on data from the FCC results may vary.

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Free TV Shows in HD

The shows listed below are some of the top shows on TV that you can get with your Highline TV Antenna. You can get these show’s and more.

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This is USGrey’s AnatomyThe Big Bang TheoryThe FlashThe OT
ManifestThe ConnersYoung SheldonRiverdaleEmpire
New AmsterdamModern FamilySurvivorArrowThe Simpsons
Chicago FireThe GoldbergsNCISSupernatural9-1-1
Law & OrderThe Good DoctorMOMSupergirlLast Man Standing

The Two Types of Antennas

The two main antenna types are omni-directional and multi-directional. A multi-directional antenna pulls reception from one specific direction and can usually reach towers from a greater distance than the omni-directional. However, it will not pick up reception from broadcast centers outside of the direction it faces. Omni-directional antennas such as the HighLine TV Antenna receive reception from broadcast centers 360 degrees in all directions


Height is key to maximizing your antenna reception. Attics and rooms on the top floor of your house will be the best place to install your HighLine TV Antenna. Any structures in the interior of your home can have an impact on reception. Above a window where walls, cabinets and furniture will not hinder the sweet spot of the antenna is ideal. It is also important to avoid installing the antenna behind a TV or antenna as electronics and devices with metal components can affect the reception.

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Indoor vs. Outdoor Antennas

Outdoor antennas have the big upside of not having any obstruction from the materials inside the house. They are more expensive and must face the challenge of working year round with the elements of weather. As long as you live within a reasonable distance (40-60 miles) from a broadcast center an indoor antenna will pick up a strong reception and provide free television! Check out our article on how to run a channel scan here

Benefits of Amplifier

An amplifier helps to push a stronger signal through the coaxial cable. Amplifiers can not pull a stronger signal from a broadcast center but if your antenna is installed properly it can certainly help maximize the potential of the signal.  Check out our article on Antenna Boosters

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