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The cord cutting millennials are looking forward to go ahead with Disney+

The cord cutting millennials are looking forward to go ahead with Disney+

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Disney is one of the most popular cable TV channels among the millennials. However, the growth of Netflix and YouTube have created a major impact on the growth of Disney. Therefore, Disney has lost a considerable percentage of their subscribers as well. To overcome this negative effect, Disney is willing to relaunch the channel as Disney+.

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The millennials prefer media streaming

Disney channel lost most of its millennials, as they were attracted towards media streaming. It can provide them with on-demand content to their fingertips. On the other hand, they don’t need to worry about any advertisements. Due to this reason, many millennials prefer to watch such on-demand content, instead of spending their time in front of the television.

Disney+ will try to get back their attention

The main objective of Disney+ is to get the attention, which they have lost in the past. In order to do that, Disney+ will be relaunched with a variety of new shows. For example, Disney will start broadcasting some of the most popular classics, including The Little Mermaid and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This can tempt the millennials to reconsider their decision about subscribing back to Disney+. In addition, Disney+ will be broadcasting more and more family oriented content, which can benefit the subscribers.

We can believe that Disney+ will do a better job when compared to Disney. That’s because the television channel has got no other alternatives than to go ahead and provide a better experience and regain the market. In the meantime, they will have to compete along with a large number of media streaming services as well.

Disney has recently pumped out the sweet nostalgia fix, which has frustrated the increasing number of streaming services. This is one of the smartest moves made by Disney. According to a study conducted in the past, many people are now considering to go ahead and subscribe to the services that Disney can offer.

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