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OTA and OTT Entertainment Services Make Cable Obsolete


by Kyle Smith on October 27, 2018 in News

Cable is dead.

Streaming services have taken over a large slice of the entertainment pie in the United States. According to the Dallas based market research firm Parks Associates. Whether you are interested in classic cinema, animated series or obscure international sports, a streaming service exists! Just another reason that cable is becoming obsolete.



OTA or Over the Air refers to digital television antennas that acquire broadcast television signals. Local broadcasters deliver this content directly to consumers without a monthly subscription cost. These antennas can provide between 20 and 70 channels depending on your distance from a broadcast center and environmental factors. Here at Highline TV our antenna offers service from NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, CW and many more of your favorite channels all with no contract or subscription.

Your Local Channels

Our tool here provides a good estimate of how many channels you’ll get with your Highline TV antenna. Just set the tool to 50 miles and enter your zip code. Some people will get more or less channels based on environmental factors.


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OTT or Over The Top is the way the industry describes all streaming services that deliver content over the internet. Of course the most popular of these services Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. These companies have made massive investments in original content to attract consumers. The fruits of this strategy has certainly paid off for these streaming services. However they are all maintaining strong relationships with major networks, as the shows on paid TV are extremely popular for streaming customers.

Digital Antennas

With the growing popularity of digital tv antennas and subscription services it seems that cable companies are having a harder time than ever keeping customers. A new film and television fan are created everyday by the original content on major networks and streaming services alike. If your interested in checking out these new ways to watch visit netflix and hulu or if your interested in a subscription free option click here and subscription services it seems that cable companies are having a harder time than ever keeping old customers and acquiring new ones.

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