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Ready To Cut The Cord? Here’s how to get started.


Finally, you’ve decided your done forking over the $100+ dollars a month that cable companies collect to provide content you don’t watch at all. No worries, in these most modern of days smart consumers have so many options for consuming your favorite media. Between streaming services, digital content and of course OTA (Over-The-Air) digital television antennas we at HighLine TV are confident the perfect blend is out there for you.

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1. Preparation

This is our first guide that we are presenting to our customers with information on topics like streaming services, DVR’s and of course our main focus OTA (Over-The-Air) digital tv antennas. The first step is simple think about what networks and channels you most frequently watch. This will give you an idea of what services you will need and you can begin creating a budget. One of the biggest benefits to paid cable is having the DVR service that allows you to watch recorded shows and save the episodes you want to watch. Is this a feature you want or is live television more important to you?

Some additional questions to ask yourself while preparing to cut the cord:
  • Does your family watch children’s programs? 
  • What sports teams does you family follow? Perhaps their is an app that you subscribe to part of the year that you pay for and then cancel for the rest of the year. (I.e NFL Sunday Ticket, NBA League Pass, etc.)
  • Does your public library have a collection of DVD/Blu-ray’s or public on-demand services that you can take advantage of?

The key to a strong cord-cutter program is that it fits your family like a finely tailored suit. Forget about what is popular to everyone else, what do you and your family enjoy?

Checking what channels you can receive.

Our tool below will let you know about how many channels you can get. Some people will get more than other based on how far you live from the broadcast area. Other environmental factors may contribute to the amount of channels received.

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2. Do a Test Run

You should take some time to test run your plan before fully cutting the cord. If your geographic location or property type hinders your ability to receive significant channels from you local broadcast center it may make sense to try out a couple of streaming services to supplement this. Pairing an antenna with Netflix, Amazon or Hulu maybe a good plan for you if you aren’t getting enough channels OTA.

Now that you have a potential budget for cutting the cord and have test ran a couple of different bundles that might work for your family it’s time for the next big step. Cancelling your cable television service.

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