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So You Cut The Cord On Cable? Avoid These 3 Mistakes!


by Oscar Sanchez on October 29, 2018

Congratulations-you cut the cord on your cable company! We know what a big step this is for you. You are excited about the savings but maybe a little concerned about how your going to watch your favorite shows. We talk to our customers all the time and have developed this list of the 3 things you want to avoid as you join the over the air TV movement. Enjoy the FREE TV with HighLine TV Antenna.

#1 Cord Cutting works differently than cable

On an hdtv antenna such as the HighLine TV Antenna, you will be able to see your favorite sports and TV from your favorite networks without having to pay monthly subscription to cable. You will notice when you run a channel scan that there will be main channels and sub channels think of them as your main Fox network with the additional regional channels associated with that major network all for free. A channel scan runs differently depending on where you are located and what the broadcast center near you is providing so unlike cable it will not always offering your favorite channels on the same station number you’re used to.

The inconvenience is a small price to pay for free TV!

#2 Cord Cutting Before Your Ready

Take your time and make sure you are ready to cut the cord with your cable company. As long as you are prepared with your HighLine TV Antenna you will be all set.

Feel comfortable with your decision to cut the cord by installing your hd tv antenna before you cancel cable get your cord cutting setup ready. If you want an antenna for local channels, buy it and set it up before you cut the cord. Don’t wait until the last minute to buy your antenna and risk missing your favorite shows! You can learn more about the HighLine TV Antenna here!

Don’t forget what somebody important once said: failing to prepare is preparing to fail!

#3 Don’t Get Overwhelmed By Options

We know it can be exciting and perhaps a little overwhelming to cut the cord. Your considering all of the streaming services and the variety of packages they offer. It is important to think about what you actually need to entertain your family. You want the best but you need to be careful with how many new monthly streaming subscriptions you acquire.

If you know a service has a show you love, just subscribe to the service during the time the show is on. Or binge watch it for a period of time when the season is over. Before subscribing to the streaming services consider trying out a digital hd tv antenna like the HighLine TV which will not come with any monthly subscription. If you are going to cut the cord it might as well be for FREE TV!

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