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Most of the channels you watch are available for free

Stop Paying for FREE TV!

Most of the channels you watch are available for free

Even though you spend money out of your pocket for a TV, internet and phone bundled every month,  you rarely get the chance to watch all the channels. You might not be interested in watching all those channels as well. Instead, you will prefer to stick to some of the top shows and channels.

From the recent studies, it has been identified that most of the TV stations you watch like that are available for free through a digital HDTV antenna. Hence, it is not necessary to spend your money and purchase a bundled package. With the HighLine TV Antenna you can pay a low one time fee, no monthly subscription and receive most of the top channels and programs for free!

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What are the most popular Free TV Shows among Americans?

The people at Nielsen have been monitoring what the most watched shows are for over 90 years. Apparently what most Americans watch on TV is Free.  Free to air TV is how most people watched TV back in the day before the Cable came around. Here is a link to Nielsen’s Top 10 shows in America that are Free if you purchase an indoor antenna and if you live very far away from a major city you may need an outdoor antenna.  When I wrote this article the top 10 shows are as follows.

160 MINUTESCBS7.011,244
6THIS IS USNBC5.28,229

Antenna TV channels never went away they just became digitals channels. Back in 2009 the FCC required that all broadcast TV centers start broadcasting tv channels in digital HDTV quality. That being 10 years ago now and a lot of people forgetting most people forgot about Free TV. It is now making a comeback with these new indoor or outdoor  HDTV Antennas that make cutting the cord easier than ever.

What is the best antenna for my area?

A digital TV antenna can be purchased from Highline TV. Highline TV offers indoor antenna that work as long as you are not in a basement and we also offer Outdoor antennas which can offer a signal to most of your channels in your house.

What digital channel are in my area?

Highline TV has spent the time to gather the data for a broadcast TV antenna map. Our TV antenna map should help you find the best antenna for free tv by Highline TV. If you enter your US zip code in the search bar below it will show you about how many television stations are available you in your area. The broadcast towers in your area typically have a range of 50 miles. If you live in a valley or if the broadcast tower is blocked by a physical barrier you may not get all the channels available with antenna. TV signals are just like cell phone signals and you cannot expect a signal if it cannot get to you. The tool below shows you the digital channels in your area.   The amount of channels you get may vary based on environmental conditions.


Frequently Asked Questions


Should I get an antenna?

Highline TV offers a range of indoor hdtv antennas as well as an outdoor antenna which are all digital television antennas.With all these offerings Highline TV definitely has the best TV antenna for your area for FREE TV. Your antenna may not pick up channels that are not broadcasting a strong signal. Signal strength is regulated by the broadcast station and their license with the FCC.  It was identified that around 44.3% people who cut the cord are using antennas to watch their favorite channels. These people believe that Paid TV is an expensive option compared to the Free TV they have. Most cord cutters tend to use the streaming services in order to bridge the gap of the missing channel. Out of the top 100 most watched television shows of 2018, 94 of them have been broadcasted over the air for free. Hence, you could have had the opportunity to enjoy them with an Highline TV antenna.

What can I watch?

If you take a look at the list of 94 programs, you will realize that most of them are sporting events. However, non-sports fans are also provided with a large number of television shows to watch and enjoy as well. They include popular TV shows such as The Big Bang Theory, NCIS, Stephen Colbert, The Late Show, 60 Minutes and Little Big Shots. If you stick only to these shows, it would be useless for you to spend your money unnecessarily on a big bundle. Instead, you can think about switching to an OTA antenna.

1) You get uncompressed HD

The streaming video quality would look amazing, but an HDTV antenna can provide you with an even better quality. That’s because you will be provided with the opportunity to gain access to uncompressed HD. All the signals that are broadcasted in air are not compressed. Hence, you will be able to get them directly to your home. Click here to see your Local TV Channels

On the other hand, the cable TV service providers and streaming services tend to compress signals, just because they will be able to maximize the number of channels that they will be able to pack into a given feed. Therefore, you will be charged with additional amounts of money to get HD quality videos as well. But with an HDTV, you can enjoy such content for free.

2) You can get access to broadcast networks and sub-channels

The streaming services and paid TV providers will only give you a couple of broadcast options. If you don’t want to deal with this, you should get an HDTV antenna. Then you will be provided with a lot of additional channels for free. In fact, you will even be able to gain access to the local news such as NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS & PBS channels.

In addition to getting HD quality content, the HDTV antenna can help you to gain access to many other excellent channels for free. You will fall in love with this feature. If you need more information check out our Starter Guide

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Should I get a streaming service?

If you can go ahead with a streaming service like Sling TV, you will be provided with the opportunity to add 10 of the most wanted channels without spending a lot of money. In addition, you can also add in a DVR, which is in a position to support OTA TV. Then you can enjoy the favorite content, whenever you want to enjoy them.

Of course the best way to watch your favorite programs without paying making a small investment in the HighLine TV Antenna the number one indoor tv antenna on the market.

Free Streaming Online?

Among the streaming services available for you to consider, Kanopy and Hoopla Digital are the best methods available for you to consider. They will provide you with the opportunity to access digital content from more than 1,600 different public libraries across the North America. One of the best features that you can see in public libraries is that they contain apps such as Android TV, Apple TV and Roku. Hence, you will be provided with an excellent assistance to keep peace of mind in the long run.

Hoopla has become popular due to the availability of a large number of Disney movies, music and TV shows. You will not be able to find most of them in other sources. On the other hand, Kanopy provides you with a large number of studios.

What’s the catch?

There are few limitations associated with these services and you will need to keep them in your mind as well. For example, you will only be able to borrow up to 20 different items per month. Therefore, it is better if you can get in touch with the local library and see the limitations that they have.

If you are interested in gaining access to Kanopy and Hoopla, you will need to obtain a library membership. You can get in touch with the local library and see if they are providing Hoopla. Then you will be able to obtain your subscription and go ahead.

When you come across the need to cut the cord, you are encouraged to take the maximum out of the local library. You are spending a lot on it with your taxes. Therefore, you should take maximum advantage out of it and get some assistance with cutting the cord.

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