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Time to Cut The Cord On Your Cable Company?


Cutting the cord

Why pay for most channels that are free over the air?

Cut the cord on the your TV Service provider and watch TV for FREE.

Streaming services are providing people with so much exciting content.

But consumers who still love watching live television and are finding that cable companies with their outrageous prices and restrictive contracts to be out of touch with their needs.

Major network television is still producing the most watched and widely enjoyed shows. This is why most people are cutting the cord and turning to traditional over the air TV (aka OTA)

Why the Highline TV antenna?

With the HighLineTV HDTV antenna you have discovered the cheapest and simplest solution to enjoying them.

We all have the memory of a grandparent or parent  moving the rabbit ears to find broadcast television signal.

The HighLineTV HDTV Antenna and its innovative technology are the modern version of those same bunny ears. With the help of american military engineers the HighLineTV HDTV Antenna provides a crystal clear quality reception and the set up couldn’t be easier.

How hard is it to cut the cord?

The hardest part of cutting the cord is waiting hold with your TV service provider.

It’s plug and play with the HighLineTV.

Plug the antenna into your television, run a channel scan and watch the free channels entertain with your entire family!

The antennas performance is based on your distance from a broadcast location the closer you live to the broadcast towers the more channels you’ll get.

Some cities have more channels than others. The HighLineTV HDTV Antenna’s 50 mile range makes it a necessary purchase for almost anyone!

Cut the cord today with HighlineTV

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