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Want to Boost Antenna Signal? | Here Are The 4 Best Ways.


Antenna’s are an incredible tool, they allow you access to free broadcast television. But antennas are not magic a lot of their performance is based on where you house is located geographically and where it is installed in your house. Indoor TV antennas can receive strong signals, but signal strength is determined by the TV signal broadcaster and their agreement with the FCC

Here are a couple of potential solutions to a weak signal.

1.Consider Buying An Antenna Booster

The antenna booster does exactly as the name implies. It helps new antenna owners outperform the quoted range for their HD antennas stated range. The standard range is usually around 40-60 miles. The top part of the range is tough for most antenna owners to reach unless they are using an amplifier. Companies like HighLine TV are rolling out signal boosters that have customers applauding the high level of signal.The Highline TV antennas are all HDTV antenna that receive signals from digital tv antenna broadcast centers with an amplified antenna weaker signals can be received. My review of HighLine TV Antenna can be seen by clicking here.

Antenna booster

The booster plugs in to the television separately from the antenna. A weak signal will really affect the quality of your reception visually and for audio.

The good thing about these antennas is that they can often help you receive a stronger signal. When a signals are weaker, it’s difficult for the antenna to allow for a crystal clear reception and the audio that you expect when watching television.

Highline TV Antenna

The beneficial thing about these antenna boosters is that they can regularly enable you to get a more grounded signal. At the point when a signal is weak, it’s troublesome for the receiving antenna to take into consideration a completely clear gathering and the sound that you expect when staring at the TV.

While an antenna might work for you, it merits trying out to observe how it can change your current reception quality both visually and audio.

2. Change The Location and Direction of The Antenna

The spot you installed your TV antenna has a major affect on your reception. There are signals flying through the air hitting TVs all over the globe. Yet, this undetectable activity has a few hiccups en route, particularly with extra movement in the wireless transmissions.

The world has changed a ton since the presentation of mobile devices.

These mobile transmissions can make reception weaker also radio waves and other aerial disturbances. You will lose signal quality depending how far away you are from the closest transmission tower, and you will likewise need to be aware of obstacles in the territory (big buildings, changes in landscape, etc).

If a metal structure like a building or piece of infrastructure interferes with the antenna, your signal will suffer.

A few placement tips are:

Antenna Placement
You can put the Highline TV Antenna anywhere as long as the cord

Height: Always place the antenna as high as you can. Two story or three story homes should choose the top floor or the attic.

Direction: Make sure you look up where your local towers are and direct the antenna towards it.

You should test out different angles and spots to lay the antenna, one location will provide better reception and more channels than the other. We know it might appear to be a bit of a chore but it is well worth it to have crystal clear reception and as many channels as possible.

How many channels should I get?

Our tool here will let you know about how many channels you should get. It is to 50 miles every Highline TV antenna has a 50 mile range we do have other models for sale Highline TV now offers a long range outdoor antenna and indoor antenna click here . Some people will get more channels than others based on environmental factors. See the Local Channel page for more information.

Find available local channels

3. Avoid Devices That Provide Wireless Access

Your wireless router is an example of a device that might interrupt your reception. Obviously you still need your router if you are using streaming services or basic internet. Just keep in mind that you want your antenna as far from your antenna as possible.

Wifi router

Make sure you have a strong router and move it far from your antenna. It shouldn’t affect your wireless service and will minimize its effect on the antenna.

4. Add More Coaxial Cable

We know, we know-your antenna came with a coaxial cable. So you’re wondering…why would we suggest you purchase additional coaxial cable? It’s simple, more cable makes placing the antenna up high possible. The higher the antenna is the better the reception and the more channels will scan.

Still skeptical of this hint? See how your reception is in the basement! (Hint: Not Good!)

Although you might need to do a little bit of work upfront in order to make your antenna work well, it is worth it! Spend the extra time and you can avoid big monthly cable bills. If your interested in joining the over-the-air FREE TV movement than check out our recommended product, the HighLineTV Antenna.

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Benjamin Andrews
June 19, 2019 at 6:39 pm

I like that you suggest looking into antenna boosters. My brother is planning on getting a TV antenna installation and wants to have a strong connection. I will send him this information so he can look into a booster while he is finding the right antenna.

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