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Watch NFL Football for Free with this Free Football Playbook

In the game of football, the right signals can make all the difference. This is true whether you’re a quarterback calling an audible at the line of scrimmage or the die-hard fan trying to watch free football on TV. Just as the game of football has evolved and grown more complex over the years, so have the ways fans enjoy the sport.

Now, there’s Thursday Night Football (which moved to Fox this year), Sunday Night Football on NBC, Monday Night Football on ESPN and ABC, and usually at least 2-3 games on during the day on Fox and CBS – not to mention all the streaming options (though don’t worry, we will). But just as there’s no substitute for a great running game, there are still plenty of ways to stream your favorite team without having to overpay.

Take a peek inside this free football TV playbook to make all the right calls on how to watch your favorite teams play this week.

First Down: Indoor HD Antenna

Getting clear reception from an indoor TV antenna used to be like completing a Hail Mary. Not anymore. Today’s indoor TV antennas provide free TV to their owners in crystal clear HD with the  Highline TV Antenna.

Over-the-air broadcast has changed as well. Most major metro areas have dozens of over-the-air channels to choose from, and thanks to the expansion of football on TV with Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football, and now Thursday Night Football, that means more opportunities to get live football for free (once you’ve purchased your antenna, of course). Combine these powerful tools with Highline TV’s Signal Locator Map to get free football monthly for a total upfront cost that is less than most cable boxes (and if you’re looking for Monday Night Football, again, it’s on ESPN and ABC).

Highline TV antenna
Highline TV antenna

First and Long: Outdoor HD Antenna

There are some situations where indoor TV antennas are like full pads on a punter – they just aren’t practical. The most common one is in rural areas. For those in outlying areas, outdoor TV antennas can provide incredible reception from up to 150 miles away (at less than the cost of most gaming systems). These long-range antennas come with indoor wireless remote control setups that offer programmable locations that can be locked in once they are found using Highline TV’s Signal Locator Map. That way, you can still channel surf between CBS and Fox on Sundays to make sure you never miss a minute of NFL action! The total cost to get set up is still less than one month of some high-end cable packages, and the result is free TV from any broadcast signal within 150 miles!

Second Down: Yahoo! Sports and Yahoo! Fantasy Football Apps

New for the 2019 season, the NFL has relaxed its rules on requiring phone users to sign in through their cable providers to watch games via apps. As a result, Yahoo! has partnered with the NFL to show certain games via its Yahoo! Sports and Yahoo! Fantasy apps. These apps are free to download on Android and iPhone, and (if you have a Yahoo! account) you can use them to watch games for free! The games are still subject to regional blackout requirements, but they provide a useful, mobile alternative to see games live.

Third Down: Amazon Prime and Twitch Prime

Similar to Yahoo!, Amazon has inked a deal with the NFL to allow certain games to be broadcast live to Prime members through their Amazon Prime Video platform. With the corporate behemoth’s recent acquisition of the game-focused streaming platform Twitch, Amazon is poised to offer NFL content to multiple users through gaming systems, phones and computers.

These options are not as tailored geographically as over-the-air broadcast, and you have to be a Prime member to receive them. However, there are ways to try out the service and cancel before you are charged, so if you’re not a Prime member, you might be able to snag an important game or two before your trial period expires.

Fourth Down: Other streaming services

They aren’t the most secure, but there are streaming services available on the web that serve up slightly less-than-official streams of NFL games. You can find all the games there and they are usually free (minus the cost of the antivirus software you’ll probably be wanting to upgrade before clicking on them). If you want to watch the games and you don’t mind dodging malware attacks and installing pop-up blockers, third party web streaming services will get you to the NFL games you want to see… you just might wind up seeing a bit more than you intended to from the pop-up ads.

For die-hard fans looking for ways to watch their favorite NFL teams on Sunday (or Monday or Thursday), these options provide the signals they need to hit pay dirt. So grab your fantasy league and a bucket of popcorn, because it’s football time, America.





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