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Why should you purchase a digital TV antenna

Why should you purchase a digital TV antenna

HD TV antennas are gaining popular in today’s due to the increased cost of paid TV. That’s because most of the people tend to go ahead with these as an excellent alternative to the other television options available to consider. In the meantime, all the leading broadcasting stations, such as ABCCBSFOXNBCPBSThe CWUnivisionTelemundo and more are offering HD TV for free. Therefore, it is possible for you to pair these television channels along with your satellite or cable TV services and get an outstanding experience.

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The HD TV antennas will help most of the people save a considerable amount of money. The quality of signals that you get is outstanding. That’s because the signals are uncompressed and full HD. But if you take a look at the satellite and cable signals, you will figure out that they are not full HD and are compressed. On the other hand, it is possible for the TV antenna to pull analog and regional signals. This will allow you with the opportunity to enjoy the channels, which are not offered by your satellite or cable TV subscription.

How to select the best HD TV antenna

Now you have a basic understanding about HD TV antennas. With that in mind, you need to understand how to purchase the best HD TV antenna available out there in the market. Before you do that, you need to understand that all the digital and HDTV signals are being broadcasted via the same frequencies as analog broadcasting system. However, the traditional antennas are not in a position to capture the digital signals.

Connecting antenna

You usually mount the television antenna at a higher altitude, such as your rooftop. Then you will be able to get a better reception. However, you don’t really need to do this, if you are living a couple of miles away from the transmitters. You should also see if there is a possibility for you to get a better service with the installation of a directional antenna. It is a good option available to consider, especially if you are living in a hilly area. Amplified antennas can also be considered as a great solution, which can improve the strength associated with weak signals.

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What other factors you need to consider when purchasing a digital antenna?

If you have more than one television at home, you can think about connecting them with the help of a coaxial cable. You can also use coaxial splitters to get the job done. However, the signal strength is reduced at each time you use a coaxial splitter. You need to be mindful about this when you purchase a digital antenna. If you don’t want the signal strength to drop, you are encouraged to think about purchasing multiple antennas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to figure out what channels I’ll be able to watch with my digital antenna?

You can simply visit our tool below and know about the number channels that you will be able to watch with your digital antenna. In addition to that, you can enter your zip code and get to know about the signal strength that is available.


How to locate the transmitters for each television channel?

More information about transmitters on each television channel can also be located through FCC.gov website.


How can you select an antenna based on the transmitter location and channel strength?

When you analyze the transmitter location and the channel strength, you will be able to get a better understanding about the range capabilities that you need to have in an antenna in order to receive the signals.

Blocked Signal

Do I need to know anything about UHF and VHF channels?

The television signals are broadcasted in wavelengths. Every single channel is linked with a frequency. The signal frequency is determined by UHF – Ultra High Frequency and VHF – Very High Frequency. The VHF channels are located towards the lower end, which is in between 1 to 13. The UHF channels are located 14 and above in frequency range.

Should I purchase a multi directional antenna or a directional antenna?


If you are interested in pulling signals from many different transmitters located in the area, you are encouraged to think about going forward with a multi directional antenna. Then you will not come across any issues when watching multiple channels. But if you are only concerned in obtaining signals from one television channel, a directional antenna would be more than enough.

Should I be using an amplified antenna?

An amplified antenna can be considered as a great option available for you to improve the strength of weak signals. For example, if you are using multiple splitters and long coaxial cables, there is a high possibility for the signals to get weak. In such a situation, you need to think about using an amplified antenna. It will help you to enjoy television without any hassle.

How to connect an antenna


Purchase a Highline TV antenna

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Last but not least, you can think about purchasing a Highline TV antenna. You are encouraged to keep this as your last resort, as you will have no hassle installation with a small out of pocket investment for a Highline TV antenna for Free TV. You need to keep in mind that around 90% of the television stations are broadcasting their signals over UHF band. However, an indoor antenna may not be able to deliver the best possible results to you with capturing a VHF television channels.


If there is a VHF channel that you really need to watch and if the reception quality is poor, you can think about getting your hands on a Highline Long Range outdoor antenna. Even though this is an easy thing to do, you will be able to receive impressive results as you get the opportunity to watch the channel that you always wanted to enjoy.

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