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HighLine TV 25

The Highline TV Urban indoor TV antenna able to receive broadcast signals from up to 25 miles.

$19.95 $8.99
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TV antenna

Highline TV Antenna

Highline TV 50 is an Indoor TV Antenna. This Antenna is ideal for metropolitan and suburban areas.

$39.95 $25.99
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Outdoor TV Antenna

Long Range Antenna

Highline TV 150 is an Indoor TV Antenna. This Antenna is ideal for metropolitan, suburban and rural areas.

$130.00 $65.00
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Digital TV Tuner

Highline Digital TV Tunner for your High Defination TV Channels.

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Find FREE LOCAL TV channels with our TV Signal Locator Map

Searching for “free local TV near me”? Highline TV’s TV Signal Locator Map is a TV channel locator that helps you find local TV stations in your area! Simply type in your zip code and the TV Signal Locator Map will show you free TV near you. Depending on environmental conditions, the number of locations available on the TV Signal Locator Map may vary. This tool is based on data from FCC DTV Reception maps. Results may vary.


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Cord Cutting Tech

Highline TV Antennas provide 1080p High Definition reception through state-of-the-art technology. Highline TV’s military-grade antennas provide excellent signal strength and reliability.


Receive up to 50+ premium channels in 1080P HD. Watch your favorite TV shows and sporting events LIVE, including the MLB, NBA, NFL and MMA.


Cable Companies charge ridiculous monthly bills for content. Cut the cord and find out how easy it can be to receive FREE local TV over the airwaves.


Highline TV’s Indoor and Outdoor antennas are easy to install and can be placed anywhere that is convenient and gets great signal from TV towers. Adhesive tape is included with indoor antennas so you can plug and play quickly!

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